Scouts Responding to Nepal Earthquake Appeal

G.L.N.E. Scout Leaders, can we have a few minutes of your time now and over the next few weeks at your sectional meetings. We have all seen the devastation in Nepal following the earthquake.

Are you aware that Rover Scouts and Leaders are still searching in uniform and that young Scouts are pitching in, by erecting shelters for the homeless and caring for those who need first aid, medical care or just a hand to hold. Some of these Scouters have lost relatives, but are still helping others. 

As a County we can help, will you join us to help? It can be done so simply, getting your Beavers or Cubs to fill a Smarties tube with 20p coins, older Cubs, Scouts and Explorers could do some work for family and friends for a donation or a sponsored activity.

Once you have collected your donations, give it to your Treasurer and get them to write a cheque to ‘G.L.N.E. Scout Council’, don’t send it to County HQ, send us a message on here or email and we will let you know where to send it. We will keep you all up to date with the totals.

Donations will be paid to the Disasters Emergency Committee. Follow us on Fb – Scouts Responding to Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

Please share this county wide, we can make a difference.