Cub Scouts

Cubs in GLNE get the chance to take part in swimming galas, sports days and football competitions. They are tested on their abilities across a wide range of skills with competitions seeing them do first aid, map reading, knots, tracking, shelter building and more.


Cub Scouts is for 8 to 10½ year olds who like being challenged in an exciting and fun environment. Cub Scouts usually meet once a week as a “Pack”. The Pack is run by trained, voluntary leaders and helpers.

The Pack is divided into sixes, each named after a colour and lead by a Cub Scout called a Sixer. Challenge and adventure are experienced in a wide range of exciting indoor and outdoor activities that include games, crafts, cooking, visits and outings and of course, camping.

These activities offer, through the Cub Scout Programme, the opportunity to achieve awards and badges. Helping others forms an important part of Cub Scouting.

Fundraising for charities, conservation projects and work with the elderly are just a few examples.