Beaver Scouts

Beaver_RGB_multi_linearBeaver Scouting is open to 6 and 7 year olds who like having fun and making friends. Beaver Scouts usually meet once a week as a “Colony”. The Colony is run by trained, voluntary leaders and helpers. Many of these are parents of Beaver Scouts.

Beaver group_D

Beaver Scout activities are a combination of learning and having fun. Some Colonies attend sleepovers in suitable buildings which are a great way of developing new skills, enhancing friendships and building confidence. They learn about themselves and how to look after themselves, they get to know people from their local community. They find out about life in other countries and explore through organised activities. They care by helping those around them.

Beaver Colonies in the UK have been running for more than 25 years and have gone through a lot of changes. It seems more and more parents are getting their children into Beavers as a first step into Scouting and the Beavers are becoming more responsible in themselves. Beaver Scouts can join in the three months leading up to their 6th birthday, until they are 8 years old when they go up to Cubs.