St George’s Day Awards 2015


Congratulations to all of our St George’s Day award receivers!!!


Malcolm David Smith – Group Scout Leader, 27th Chingford, District Executive Committee Member, District Training Adviser, Chingford

John Francis Taylor – Group Chairman, 14th Ilford (Methodist Church), District Vice President, District Scout Active Support Member, Ilford Northwest


Roger Frank Fall – Cub Scout Leader, 1st Corbets Tey, District Cub Scout Leader, Hornchurch, County Local Training Manager

Peter James Seddon – Group Scout Leader, 7th Hornchurch (Methodist), Hornchurch, District Commissioner, Squirrels Heath

Linda Gillian Thorogood – District Training Adviser, District Commissioner (Acting), Hornchurch, Campsite Management Committee Member

David Alan Wriderholt – District Scout Active Support Member, District Training Adviser,


Peter Henry Banks – County Queen’s Scout Award Co-ordinator, County Adviser Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Assistant County Commissioner

Marian Hilda Bedding – District Scout Active Support Member, Chingford

Reginald James Bedding – District Scout Active Support Member, Chingford

Alfred Charles Ford – District Training Adviser, District Commissioner, Newham, County Local Training Administrator

Alan Hall MBE TD – County President

Joan Davina Holder – District Scout Active Support Member, Chingford

Sheila Rosalind Langley – Group Treasurer, 2nd Ilford North (St Lawrence Barkingside), Ilford Northwest

Julie Anne Leeper – Group Scout Leader, 2nd Romford, District Training Adviser, District Scout Active Support Member, District Administrator, Romford, County Trainer

Andrew James Mann – Group Scout Leader, 19th Romford, District Training Adviser, District Scout Active Support Member, District Nights Away Adviser, District Administrator, District Commissioner, Romford

Dean John Milton – Scout Leader, 11th Ilford North, Ilford Northwest

Alice Barbara Robinson – Scout Leader, 7th Chingford (St Anne’s), Chingford

Denise Barbara Taylor – Cub Scout Leader, 2nd Ilford North (St Lawrence Barkingside), District Cub Scout Leader, District Training Adviser, Assistant District Commissioner Cub Scouts, Ilford Northwest

Ian James Taylor – Cub Scout Leader, 29th Hackney (St James), East London

Alan Wiltshire – Group Scout Leader, 2nd Collier Row (Ascension), District Training Adviser, Romford

Roger Francis Winston – Group Supporter, 1st South Hornchurch (St Johns) Hornchurch

Pamela Joan Wood ACIE – District Treasurer, District Scout Active Support Member, District Appointments Advisery Committee Member, District Administrator, Ilford Northwest

Ilford Northwest Beavers District Science Afternoon

Beavers from across the district enjoyed a fun afternoon of various Science experiments at our first ever district science afternoon in February. Experiments included the senses challenge, walking across eggs, investigating forces, making spinners, making and flying paper aeroplanes and using fruit to make electricity. Thank-you to everyone who came along to support the afternoon.

Philip Merchant

(ADC Beavers Ilford Northwest)

INW Beavers 2 INW Beavers 3INW Beavers 1

How did you spend your Valentines weekend? 

Well, Romford District Explorers and Network members ‘loved’ joining many other teams from GLNE to take part in the 36th annual Southern 50 Competition! The competition is a tough hiking challenge held in the Chiltern Hills. The event tests your hiking endurance, your navigational skills, teamwork skills and your mental and physical ability. The competition is broken down into three categories; The 30km event, the 50km event and the 50 Mile event.

4 teams of Explorers from Romford took part in the 30km event and finished in fantastic times that they are all so desperate to improve on next year. The Network team took part in the 50km event and again completed the route and look to better their time next year. The competition is so addictive!

The route takes you through various mandatory checkpoints where you are greeted, enthused and encouraged by the fantastic checkpoint teams. It is here that you are filled with plenty of snacks and treats to keep you moving. Along the way you see many hiking teams, which makes a great opportunity to talk all things scouting (and flick mud!)

Would you be interested in entering a team next year? Do you have what it takes to be a Southern 50 finisher or even better, a Southern 50 winner??

Follow the Southern 50 Facebook page for photos, and updates about next years competition. Visit the Southern 50 website to view the league table to find out where teams from your district finished and in what times.

See you all next year then?

Adam Vale

Romford Network Member – Greater London North East

Southern 50 Challenge – GLNE Results

50km Event

26. 12:10 – RED – 2nd East London

27. 12:30 – Shabbabblybubbs – Docklands DESU, 2nd East London

30. 13:02 – Dragons ESU Team 1 – Hornchurch

31. 13:36 – Romford Leader Team – Romford

30km Event

10. 7:13 – Team B – Romford ESU

13. 7:19 – Adventure Time – Docklands DESU, 2nd East London

18. 7:57 – Team C – Romford ESU

26. 8:30 – Dragons ESU Team 2 – Hornchurch

31. 8:57 – Team D – Romford ESU

39. 9:45 – Team A – Romford ESU





1st Hainault Cub Packs – Metropolitan Police Air Support Unit Visit 2015

On Monday 9th and Thursday 19th February 1st Hainault Cub packs visited the Metropolitan Air Support Base in Lippitts Hill and were literally blown away by their experience. Shown around by Officer Rick of the air support unit, cubs started off their evening in the classroom learning about the Helicopters, their history, how they fly and safety on an air field. Teaching using an interactive presentation and real life videos The cubs were amazed and unable to hold on any longer as the hands started shooting for the stars, “does it have guns”, “how fast does it go”, “do you carry Tasers” you know typical cub questions!1st-Hainault-Helicopters-2A call came over the police radio and silence filled the room, cubs were taken outside and lined up along the airfield as officers rushed to their positions. Standing only a few metres from the helicopter Cubs were able to feel the full power of the blades as the helicopter zoomed off at high speed with little faces glaring at the sky as it went out of sight “Woh it’s like a tornado!”, “that was soooo cool”.

Helicopter in flight, cubs were taken up into the control room where they were able to watch the images streamed live and listen to the officers both in the air and on the ground. Upon the helicopters heroic return cubs were taken into the hangar where they were able to sit in the 2 helicopters under strict instruction “don’t touch the buttons” “don’t push the on switch or I might have to arrest you”, cubs finding this hilarious then went around arresting each other which amused the leaders for a while, until they turned on them! Trying on the equipment used by the team and askingeven more questions, cubs were then asked to fall in and 3 members of the group were invested in-between 2 police helicopters “I can’t believe it happened here”.1st-Hainault-HelicoptersThis was an incredible experience for all those that attended. I would like to thank on behalf of 1st Hainault scout group the officers at the air support base for their hospitality, patience and enthusiasm and for offering the childrena once in a lifetime experience that they will never forget.