Climbing Courses

The Climbing wall course and Assessment  leads to you being authorised (Activity permit) to take Scouts climbing on Artificial walls and other man-made structures, this then could lead you on to climbing on rock.

The training location is, Hargreaves Activity Centre, Hainault Road, Little Heath, Romford, Essex, RM6 5SR, this will be a 4 day course.

Cost, £60 (Instruction and assessment, based on a minimum of 6 people booking the course).

For assessment only there is a £5 charge and will require attendance all day on the second Sunday.

Dates for 2017 are set for 3/4th & 24/25th June.

If you require a reassessment please email depending on numbers we may be able to arrange a specific day.

Courses are run elsewhere and we will assist you getting on these courses if desired. Please be aware some courses other than the GLNE County course do not include the assessment needed for a permit.

There are three types of permit available for Single Pitch Climbing. They are:

Personal –        Allows a young person (under 18) to take part in Climbing with others with a personal a Single Pitch Climbing permit.

Leadership –   Allows the permit holder to lead Single Pitch Climbing for a single group.

Supervisory – Allows the permit holder to remotely supervise more than one Single Pitch Climbing group.

If other climbing courses interest you i.e. climbing on natural rock please email.

For full information refer to The Scout Association fact sheet FS120452

Chris Geary.  Contact: