Archery Courses

Archery (without Compound bows) permit training

To run Archery sessions for Scouts you will need an Adventurous Activity permit .There are 2 ways to do this.

  1. To attend a specific permit training course run over 2½ days often run by the larger Scout Activity Centre’s costing around £150 following the course an assessment will be required by the Scout County Assessor.
  2. By gaining the Archery GB (formerly Grand National Archery Society) – Archery Leader Award. Following the course a assessment will not be required. The cost will be around £220-£250 but gaining this national qualification is acceptable outside of Scouting.

Both courses are 2½ day’s training and will cover a syllabus to the standard that is the minimum requirement to gain a permit to lead groups of Scout Association members in sessions at approved sites or indoor ranges. Topics covered include: Safety Rules, Range layout, how to conduct shooting sessions, demonstrating a good shot, styles of shooting, teaching beginners, teaching those with special needs, what equipment to buy, incentive schemes and various forms of Archery.

A GLNE course is not being considered for 2017 but the qualification is run at a number of Scout & private centres.

The Scout permit only training is less but with no national award at the end of it. Arranging funding in advance may be a consideration either from District, or applying to Gilwell Park, whatever you decide; we will facilitate you joining in on any course. For further practical information please refer to the Scout association factsheet FS120406. Minimum age is 17 years at the start of the course.

There is no requirement for Soft Archery (low poundage bows with sucker type arrows on a plastic target) but some knowledge of archery is desirable. This activity can be run indoors and is most suitable for younger members.

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