Adventurous Activities

Courses leading to the qualification to instruct young people in i.e. archery, rifle shooting and adventurous activities are available nationally and around the County at various locations. Dates targeted specifically for GLNE Leaders will be announced in the County calendar published on the website  as required.

Activities classed as adventurous and require permits are as Rule 9.7 Adventurous Activities Permit Scheme in POR.

Adventurous activities are:

  • Hill walking and off road cycling (in Terrain One and Two);
  • Climbing and abseiling, except; bouldering;
  • Climbs using auto belay systems (systems that lower a climber to the ground without any human intervention)
  • Caving;
  • Snowsports (in Terrain One and Two); (except artificial slopes and nursery slopes);
  • All water activities, except swimming, on class B1, B2, B3 or A waters;
  • All motorised water activities and SCUBA activities on class C waters;
  • Hovercrafting.

Popular activities such as Archery, Rifle shooting and crate climbing do not require permits but are often subject to local Scout requirements i.e. they require a formal qualification. A very useful reference to determine what the requirements are to run an activity can be found on the Scout website using the address

Geocaching, Orienteering and Pioneering could be offered as one day training, there are people in the County who are familiar with the activities and would be willing to show others.

Specialist Training Manager

Chris Geary

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